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Ability Definitions:


  • Beginner - Can swim 300m non-stop (the speed doesn't matter). Needs to take frequent rests.
  • Intermediate - Comfortable in the water and can swim 750m without stopping.
  • Advanced - Previous swim squad experience and can swim sets of 100m in a time cycle of 1:50 or less.


  • Beginner - New to cycling and can ride for atleast 30 minutes.
  • Intermediate - Has been cycling for atleast a year and rides regularly or commutes to work.
  • Advanced - Has been competing in triathlons or cycling events for 3+ years and regularly cycles distances of 60+km


  • Beginner - New to running and would be unable to run for 30 minutes without stopping.
  • Intermediate - Can run atleast 30 minutes without stopping.
  • Advanced - Runs 10km in under 55 minutes.

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