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Before you go we'd love to tell you about the IRONMAN ACADEMY...

Train For Ironman the right way...

16 Weeks training program and coaching support

The Ironman Academy

Would you like coaching, training advice, support and a triathlon program for your next Ironman event?

Then This One's For YOU!

  • How to fuel your body for the demands of Ironman training and racing with sports dietitian Christie Johnson.
  • Tips on how to prevent injury and keep your body finely tuned with physio sports physiotherapist Rick Bain.
  • The mental approach to training and racing with sports psychotherapist Grant Giles.
  • How to set up your bike for race day with bike fit specialist Michael Baker.
  • Advice on what shoes you should be training and racing in with podiatrist Emily Donker.
  • How to maintain your bike to keep it racing fast and costing you less money with Keith Maricich.
  • Athlete's stories with Rowan, Amanda, Kate and Andrew from Why We Tri.

PLUS fortnightly live webinars!!

  • Program design and how to balance your intensity, recovery and specificity.
  • Help with equipment selection. What specific equipment you need for race day.
  • How to incorporate testing sessions in training.
  • Advice on incorporating lead up races, camps and big training days into your campaign.
  • How to manage your expectations and stay focused throughout the lead-up.
  • What Mark has learnt through his own campaigns and failings.
  • How to prepare for race week and how to taper correctly.
  • How you should define success.

Ironman is a massive undertaking and will take it's toll on you mentally as well as physically. This is not something you should prepare for lightly and you need a team of people in your corner to get you prepared for race day.

The Ironman Academy is a MUST for getting the coaching you need for your upcoming Ironman event.

Join The Ironman Academy And Get The Support You Need

Starts 16th November 2020


Ironman Academy


  • 16 week training program - choice of beginner, time-crunched, masters or performance
  • Access to the Ironman Academy video library
  • Fortnightly live webinars for coaching advice and Q&A
  • World Multisport private forum exclusive to the Ironman Academy November 2020 participants
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