Getting Started

Welcome to the TRIATHLON MASTERCLASS which is the first step in getting started training for your first triathlon.

Most beginner triathletes will have little experience in swimming, cycling and running or have been out of training for a long time.

If you are starting from scratch we recommend the following training volume to start:

Swim: Two times per week. Start with single laps in the pool such as 10-20 x 25m and build up to 50s and 100s.

Bike: One to two times per week. Most beginners can already ride for 20 to 30 minutes nonstop, so start there with a focus on improving your skills and build up to an hour over the course of four to six weeks.

Run: One to two times per week. Brand new runners should start with a walk-run program (see the running lesson for more info on getting started).